Elana Freeland, June 15, 7-9pm (PST)
Category: Talk

Elana Freeland, June 15, 7-9pm (PST)

Category: Talk
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Adam Gorightly interviews Paranoia Magazine Editor, Elana Freeland. They will discuss her upcoming book from Feral House: Chemtrails, HAARP and the Tesla Death Ray.

Elana came of political age during the COINTELPRO decade of Vietnam, street riots, political assassinations, and all-night rap sessions about the downfall of the Establishment.

Researching Sub Rosa America included discovering how deeply her US Navy father was enmeshed with the very military-industrial complex she was writing ... See More


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San Diego, California, United States
Paranoia presents a plethora of conspiratorial topics, along with an examination of the paranormal. With your host, Adam Gorightly.


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