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If you’ve ever thought that making money from your podcast was out of reach, think again. Without the hassle of seeking sponsors or individual advertising partners, you can make money from your podcast easily and consistently with our monetization program.

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Profit from your passion or maximize your existing catalog

Already have a big catalog of podcasts, but need a better system to manage and monetize them? Or just want to turn your hobby into a money maker? Whether you’re an independent podcaster or a podcast publisher, we have the right monetization program you need to turn your podcasts into profitable projects.


Easy Dynamic Advertising Insertion

What’s dynamic ad insertion?

Dynamic ad insertion refers to the technological mechanism of an advertisement that can be inserted into your podcast, after production, wherever you want – think of it as the vehicle in which your ad is delivered. Because the ads aren’t baked into your podcast, your entire catalog of episodes can be updated with new ads in realtime. This advertising delivery system gives you the ability to keep your ads relevant – and reach the right listeners based on demographics, devices and interests – regardless of when an episode is consumed.


Simplify with Podcast Programmatic Advertising

What's programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising refers to the marketplace where automatic buying and selling of podcast advertisements occur. If dynamic ad insertion is the vehicle in which ads are delivered to your listeners, think of programmatic as the passenger inside the vehicle.

Instead of seeking out your own sponsors or advertisers, when you monetize your podcast with Spreaker, we combine the power of dynamic ad insertion with our built-in programmatic marketplace. Our marketplace is full of advertisers who are ready and willing to automatically deliver targeted ads on your podcast. With the flip of a switch, you can start delivering relevant ads to your listeners… simple as that.

Maximize Your Monetization

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Ad insertion flexibility

Our monetization program makes profiting your podcast completely hassle free. Just drop a pin where you want your ad placements), and we do the rest!

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Monetize your evergreen content

Because ads change at every listen, your episode will always stay fresh, relevant and profitable.

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Generate earnings from your entire catalog

Your back catalog can still make you money. Even though your episode was published years ago, with our monetization program, listeners still get fresh ads.

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Optimize and analyze your revenue

Potential advertisers bid for placement on your show in real time. We’ll refresh the ads on your episodes with the highest bidder, and we give you detailed statistics so you can always have a clear overview of your earnings.


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