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When you host with Spreaker, you have a plethora of analytics about your listeners at the tip of your fingers. From downloads and listening sources to geolocation, you can pick a plan that gives you the level of detail that you need. The easy-to-read data helps you understand who your listeners are, where they’re from, and how they’re consuming your content.

The best part? You can always rely on our data to give you an accurate picture of how your podcast is doing in real-time, thanks to our IAB Tech Lab certification.

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Podcast Download Statistics

Understanding when your podcast is listened to

Our download analytics gives you a time-based overview of how often your podcast is being listened to. How many listeners are tuning in while you’re live? How many download your content and listen later on-demand? We give you the full breakdown.


Podcast Listener Statistics

Understanding your daily listeners

While the download analytics showcase how many times your podcast is being listened to, the listener analytics digs in deeper by showcasing how many daily listeners contribute to the amount of downloads. This stat gives the ability to clearly see how many of your listeners are listening to more than one episode.


Podcast Like Statistics

Understanding episode popularity

Wondering which episodes your audience enjoyed the most? The like function and statistics allow you to uncover which pieces of content really resonated with your community.


Podcast Follower Statistics

Understanding your following as a creator

How popular is your account on Spreaker? The followers section traces your account’s followers back to individual episodes, so you can utilize that data to understand what type of content is creating a dedicated listener.


Podcast Source Statistics

Understanding how they’re listening

Our sources data clues you into what kind of platform your listeners are using to tune in. This section on your dashboard shows if your people are listening through Spreaker's website and mobile apps, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio or the embedded widget on your website. Plus, it shows you which external platform your podcast is being listened to on the most.


Podcast Geolocation Statistic

Understanding where they’re listening

Wondering which country or city your listeners are tuning in from? Get the exact breakdown of your listener’s geographics in the geolocation section.


Podcast Device Statistics

Understanding what they’re using to listen

The device analytics tells you exactly what kind of equipment your listeners are using to hear you. Do they listen from a computer, tablet, or smartphone? Our device dashboard section provides you with the answers, plus a complete overview of the operative systems, types mobile devices and desktop options.


Podcast Listening Evolution Statistics

Understanding your episode’s lifespan

The listening evolution statistics helps you understand your episodes’ lifespan. This section in the analytics dashboard provides you with data where you can see your episodes’ cumulative plays and downloads over time, relative to their release date. This allows you to measure if specific topics or marketing actions increased each individual episode's performance.


Which podcast stats are included in your plan?

Depending on the depth of information you’re looking for about your podcast listeners, we have an option to suit your analytical needs.

Free Speech

  • Downloads
  • Listeners


  • Downloads
  • Listeners
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Sources
  • Geolocation


  • Downloads
  • Listeners
  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Sources
  • Geolocation
  • Devices
  • Evolution

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