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Different accessories can be used with iOS devices to make your audio sound more professional. Here are just some extra gadgets that are compatible with our iOS apps, all tested by us and our users.

Always make sure to refer back to your user manual for correct setup and functions. If you have success using other accessories along with Spreaker's apps, please let us know so we can update the page and help out our community!

Mackie DL806 / DL1608

Fully Supported

With the Mackie DL806 or the DL1608, connect your iPad to the mixer, and open Spreaker's app. Then enable the microphone's input, and disable its monitor/loopback.

Tascam iM2

Fully Supported


Fully Supported

iRig Pro

Fully Supported

iRig HD

Fully Supported

iRig MIC Cast

Fully Supported

iRig Mix

Partially Supported

There are limits to using the iRig Mix with our iOS apps. Connecting the MASTER OUT to Spreaker is not possible. However, you can connect the iPad to the mixer's INPUT 1 and record the audio coming through INPUT 3.

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