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What is iHeartRadio?

Spreaker and iHeartRadio, a popular digital radio service, have integrated their platforms, creating a new feature to give talk show hosts the chance to really shine in the spotlight.

With iHeartRadio, you can submit your shows and, if chosen, be placed alongside top names in broadcast radio like Ryan Seacrest and Elvis Duran.

Who can submit a show to iHeartRadio?

Anyone can submit their show to iHeartRadio.

There is a Review Process during which they'll be considering various factors including content quality, thoroughness of description (show and episode descriptions, cover images,...), use of copyrighted material, and overall presentation.

The Review Process is carried out by the iHeartRadio staff. In case you have inquiries on the outcome of a review, please contact them directly at help@iheartradio.com.

How do I submit a show to iHeartRadio?

Submitting a show to iHeartRadio is really easy from your show’s settings.

Simply go into your Spreaker’s Content Management System. Choose your show, and click the yellow EDIT button. Select iHeart in the menu that appears on the left and click the SUBMIT button.

After clicking it, you'll be asked to accept the Terms and Conditions, and then submit your show to iHeartRadio (so long as your show follows all of the required criteria).

Click here to follow a tutorial with screenshots for further information.

Can I contact iHeartRadio with my questions?

Yes! Feel free to contact iHeartRadio directly with your questions and concerns. You can get in touch with them through their site, or via email at help@iheartradio.com.

Why aren't my episodes being shared to iHeartRadio?

Whether you’re publishing your episodes using the Spreaker Studio apps, the web console or simply uploading the episode from Content Management System (CMS), always make sure to click on the iHeartRadio share button (the heart icon) in the Auto-Share section.

You can check the sharing status of your episodes any time from Content Management System. Just choose the show and click the sharing icon of the corresponding episode. You will be able to see if it was published on iHeartRadio and, if not, proceed with publishing it.

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