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This section refers to the Spreaker Studio for Android Devices.

What is Auto DJ?

When Auto DJ is enabled, the songs you had set up in the playlist will play in a continuous queue, from first to last without interruption.

Why can't I play tracks and use the microphone at the same time?

You can use the microphone and play tracks/effects at the same time only if you plug in your headphones. This is done to prevent audio played through the speakers to re-enter through the mic.

What is the Push to Talk button in the console?

Hold down the "Push to Talk" button whenever you want to broadcast your voice. You can also lock the microphone into the ON position by sliding the Microphone toggle at the bottom-middle of the console.

Can I broadcast live and/or record a podcast beforehand?

You can broadcast live if you've got internet access. If you don't, you can still record a podcast, and then publish it once you're connected.

Why can't I broadcast for longer than 15 minutes?

Free Speech users can only broadcast live for up to 15 minutes at a time. To go live for longer, upgrade to one of our PRO plans.

What is the difference between the Console view and the Playlist view?

The console view gives you full control over the volumes of the songs you've added, and allows you to play two songs simultaneously (you'll be able to see it once you've uploaded a track).

The playlist view is a simpler interface and does not allow mixing. However you can use the Auto DJ function to start playing your list of songs without interruptions.

How can I remove tracks from the Playlist section of the Spreaker Studio for mobile app?

To remove a track from the Playlist, tap the "+" at the top, next to the Auto DJ button. Then, swipe the track you want to delete either to the left or right. At the new message: Want to remove this? simply tap on OK.

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