Ep 217 - Blending Comedy & Tragedy: Filmmaking Brilliance in "Me, Myself, & the Void"

Dec 20, 2023 · 25m 57s
Ep 217 - Blending Comedy & Tragedy: Filmmaking Brilliance in "Me, Myself, & the Void"

Introduction - Host: Geoffrey D. Calhoun - Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/screenwriterpod/ - https://thesuccessfulscreenwriter.com/ - Guests: Director Tim Hautekiet and Producer Ryan Blewett - Film: Me, Myself, and the Void - instagram: https://www.instagram.com/memyselfandthevoid/...

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Episode Highlights
  1. Behind the Scenes of 'Me, Myself and the Void':
    • Geoffrey D. Calhoun discusses the film's unique concept blending comedy with profound themes.
    • Exploration of the film's narrative about a stand-up comedian confronting life and death on stage and in his mind.
  2. The Making of a Unique Film:
    • Tim Hautekiet and Ryan Blewett share insights into the creative process and challenges in bringing 'Me, Myself and the Void' to life.
    • Discussion on the film's practical stage feel and character-driven storytelling.
  3. Origin Stories and Creative Journeys:
    • Tim and Ryan talk about their beginnings in the film industry and their collaborative dynamics.
    • The episode uncovers how their experiences shaped the development of 'Me, Myself and the Void.'
  4. Star-Studded Cast Insights:
    • In-depth discussion about the on-screen chemistry of lead actors Jack De Sena and Chris W. Smith.
    • Special mention of Kelly Marie Tran's involvement in the film post-Star Wars.
  5. Working with Echo Bend Production Company:
    • Insights into the collaboration with Echo Bend and how it influenced the film's production.
    • Ryan Blewett shares the company's philosophy of resource sharing and community building in filmmaking.
  6. Future Projects and Aspirations:
    • A sneak peek into upcoming projects by Tim and Ryan, including Tim’s passion project 'Serenades' – a unique blend of murder mystery and musical.
  7. Closing Remarks:
    • Where to watch 'Me, Myself and the Void.'
    • Final thoughts on the importance of building relationships and a supportive community in the filmmaking industry.
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