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Spreaker is the unrivaled podtech solution for publishers and large distributed teams to effortlessly manage their podcasts. Unveil the power of the Ad Exchange and start making money from day one. Don’t miss a chance to monetize your inventory, leave it to us to close the gap by filling or backfilling your content with ads from our partners.

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What sets Spreaker apart?

Here’s where we stand out:

  • Full stack solution for audio publishing
  • One click distribution
  • Connect inventory with DSPs and media buyers via Adswizz, Triton and Targetspot
  • Podcast ad campaign manager
  • Easy collaboration roles and permissions within teams and organizations
  • IAB Tech Lab certified analytics

Trusted by podcast publishers across the globe

Meet a few of our partners

We’ve helped some of the largest podcast publishers connect with advertisers, scale their monetization, and efficiently manage podcast content.


Made for monetization

Ready to make more?

Our tools give podcast publishers the freedom they need to structure their monetization strategy the way they want. We also have a variety of innovative built-in monetization models you can access so there’s no money left on the table.

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Traffic your ads with our campaign manager

Our sophisticated tool lets you set up, configure, target, traffic and monitor your own advertisement campaigns. They can be configured and connected to DSPs via Adswizz, Triton & Targetspot. You can use dynamic ad injection across your network of podcasts, allowing you to market podcasts, events, and releases.

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Harness the power of programmatic ads

Automatically buy and optimize according to your listeners. We can help you sell 100% your inventory, not only to domestic markets, but international markets as well.

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Spreaker Ad Exchange

If you have a 50% fill rate, with 50% left unsold, you’re leaving money on the table. Instead of missing the chance to monetize that unsold inventory, leave it to us to close the gap by filling or backfilling your content with ads from our partners.

Because of our partnership with Nielsen, we can target the right audience thanks to their capabilities.

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Created for collaboration

Spreaker simplified the challenge of collaborating across podcast teams by including a built-in system that offers multiple admin levels and permissions at the organization and podcast level.

If your business includes multiple networks under one umbrella, you can even upgrade your plan to include another layer of permissions so that your entire podcast business can be contained in one account, while giving access to users in the different networks and podcasts where appropriate.


Developed for customization

Looking for something specific?

Our tools for podcast publishers include everything you need to grow, while providing you with options to customize some features in order to suit the exact needs of your podcast businesses.

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Easy to integrate CMS

Our interface’s API based version can seamlessly integrate with your current content management system.

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Personalized and embeddable podcast player

In a few quick clicks, style our white-label player to make it match your brand design and fit within your website or app.

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Customizable RSS feeds

Have access to all the main distribution platforms with one click and make sure your listeners can find you everywhere. Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google, iHeartRadio, Deezer and many more.

You can also easily create private RSS feeds when you need to share exclusive content in listening apps for a paying subset of listeners.


Ready to take your podcast business to the next level?

No matter what your needs are, we have what you need to kick things up a notch.