Podcast success made simple

A free starter plan, live-streaming and one-click podcast distribution are some of our features that help to start a podcast for free and easily. Plus, we'll be on hand to help at every stage of the process, and with us your content will always stay yours.

Create a podcast for free

How can I create a Podcast? It’s easy!

Our free desktop and mobile apps let you create content when you want, how you want. Podcast on-the-go, live stream or pre-record from home - use the tools that suit your lifestyle. Also, if you already have a podcast, you can easily switch all of your episodes over to Spreaker and maintain your subscribers and reviews. Read more... The Spreaker Studio app (available for Android and iOS) allows you to record audio files and enrich them with sound effects and background music with total ease (plus, there are discounts for using one of our partner sites: Jamendo and Epidemic Sound). For podcasters who prefer recording from home, there’s our Spreaker Studio app for desktop which can be connected to Skype or Google Hangout to have a co-host or host interviews. If your podcast is already hosted on another platform, don’t worry, it’s super simple to switch from Anchor, Libsyn, Blubrry or any other hosting platform and we offer a clear guide on how to do so via our knowledge base articles. Show less

Do you prefer going live using a Third-Party App? Access Spreaker Tube.

How to create your podcast with the Spreaker CMS

Manage Your Podcast In One Place

Our Content Management System (CMS) lets you look after all aspects of your podcast from one easy-to-use location. Upload and schedule episodes, manage multiple podcasts or automatically publish to social media - whatever you want to do, you can do it via your own podcast homepage. Read more... Our CMS is the perfect dashboard for locating and amending any features regarding your podcast. Its clearly designed interface offers speedy access to all of your settings where you can manage all of your practicalities, including upgrading it and your monetization system. Show less

Upload your Podcast
Start and distribute your podcast for free

Reach Millions of Listeners

Distribute your podcast across all the important platforms. Our ‘One-Click Distribution’ lets you distribute it to platforms including: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeartMedia, and Spotify. Simple.

Earn money with your podcast

Monetize Your Podcast

We want to help every podcaster earn from their podcast. Our unique monetization program gives you complete control over your ads while providing you with clear daily metrics via your homepage. Read more... Whenever you’re ready to start monetizing your podcast, we’ll be here. You have the power to enable or disable mid, pre and post rolls from whenever you like. You’ll also be able to keep track of how much you’re earning via your profile. Thousands of Spreaker podcasters are successfully profiting from their podcast - what’s stopping you? Show less

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Know Your Listeners

Real-time statistics give you the power to earn. Whatever Spreaker plan you’re on, our easy-to-read data will give you valuable audience insight. Statistics include: location, listening sources, most used devices, age & gender, and importantly - performance over time.

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Maximize Your Audience

Promote your podcast right and the listeners will come to you. We promote podcasts to listeners via our carefully curated lists, plus you can neatly embed your podcast on your website and share via your social channels. Read more... How can we help you go that extra mile in reaching new listeners? By helping you create an app specifically designed for your podcast, which lets you target your listeners in a clear, defined way. Plus, your podcast will be promoted to listeners via the Spreaker Podcast Player app, where we carefully curate lists of suggested podcasts to audio fans. Also, you can use our player to neatly embed your podcast on your website or share via your social media channels. Show less

Find The Right Plan

Choose from our zero cost ‘Free Speech’ plan, all the way to our ‘Enterprise’ level - we’ve got something for every podcaster. And, if it isn’t quite right you can change it at any point.

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