For the Record

6 20,955 4 about 1 year ago
  • Chris Eley about 1 year ago

    Too bad CFHQ doesn't have the integrity to approach this situation as they should. This lawyer sounds like a kool-aid drinking hack. Attitude Nation doesn't need Crossfit to be "popular." If "crossfitters" start hitting the forums etc. and realize how much good you've done for Crossfit gyms then you'll continue to grow whether you're affiliated or not. Keep doing what you're doing and forget the haters (aka the money/talking heads at CFHQ).

  • Andy Blaida about 1 year ago

    you guys sure love to interrupt everything. sigh.

  • Trey Hawkins about 1 year ago

    Dude. Crossfit hq talks in circles

  • Lexy McLellan about 1 year ago

    Go Jess Go!!

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