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  • Holy Spirit Talk
    Category: Talk
    66 Episodes 7,509 Plays
    The Word of God spoken with and in Power of the Holy Ghost drives out demons. A broadcast of messages spoken and hosted by Mrs. Terry B. King, aka Evangelist King. As you listen and meditate on God’s spoken Word, the Holy Spirit will flush out EVERY spirit that is not of Him—giving you a “clean” sweep from the crown of your head to the ... See More
  • Worship with RDK
    Category: Music
    8 Episodes 457 Plays
    As a prophetic worship leader, Roger seeks to do just that, lead people into the presence of God, here on the earth, with simple, focused worship songs and music that is directed to “The LORD”. The Song of “The LORD” is His response to OUR song to Him! That is the power of true prophetic worship, to minister TO “The LORD” so that He in ... See More
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