#7 - Atheist v. Preacher on Abortion

#7 - Atheist v. Preacher on Abortion

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Preacher Bill, Hell, Abortion, Kate Sirls, Strippers, Trinity Explained.

On the show today: David Smalley - @davidcsmalley, Kate Sirls, Some guy named Jim

Guest - Preacher Bill

Segment - The Purpose of Prayer

Book – Baptized Atheist (http://www.amazon.com/Baptized-Atheist-David-Smalley/dp/1578840082; http://www. barnesandnoble.com/w/baptized-atheist-david-smalley/1100819094?ean=9781578840083; http: //atheistaudiobooks.com/baptized-atheist/)

Segment - Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice
Blog - Kate ... See More


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