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  • DJ Brookie B
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    I used to be a DJ in Dallas. No joke! "DJ Brookie B, Mixing the sickest beat's this side of the Red River!" (and no one has challenged me for title yet) I was the only uptown white girl that could handle it! I was in college so it was OK then to be up late. It was so much fun! I think I must have lived another life as a ... See More
  • Talk Girl
    Category: Talk
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    I have been alot of people.
  • The Story of a Girl
    Category: Talk
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    Telling Stories of Life and Loss and how no matter what happens in life, it can always be turned around and used for good. Also how the Adoption Industry is much llke the government. The truth from one birth mother;s eyes.
  • Virtual Personal Training
    Category: Health
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    Ask a certified NCAA personal trainer and nutrition specialist, me, anything.
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