It All Starts To Make Sense

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  • Birthmom of Adoption but More
    Category: Talk
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    The truth from one birth mothers eyes.
  • DJ Brookie B
    Category: Music
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    I used to be a DJ in Dallas. No joke! "DJ Brookie B, Mixing the sickest beat's this side of the Red River!" (and no one has challenged me for title yet) I was the only uptown white girl that could handle it! I was in college so it was OK then to be up late. It was so much fun! I think I must have lived another life as a ... See More
  • I Just Wanna Be Me Now. Thanks.
    Category: News & Information
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    "Being B" I'm not sure but I think I have taken other peoples words too seriously and possible not found my true essence? Being Brooke was always hard. Women who have something worth saying usually use character names
  • Virtual Personal Training
    Category: Health
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    Ask a certified NCAA personal trainer and nutrition specialist, me, anything.