The Story of a Girl

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  • DJ Brookie B
    Category: Music
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    I used to be a DJ in Dallas. No joke! "DJ Brookie B, Mixing the sickest beat's this side of the Red River!" (and no one has challenged me for title yet) I was the only uptown white girl that could handle it! I was in college so it was OK then to be up late. It was so much fun! I think I must have lived another life as a ... See More
  • Fuck The Fed
    0 Episodes 0 Plays
    No language is as evil as the fed
  • Girls 4 Ron Paul News
    Category: Politics
    8 Episodes 449 Plays
  • The Adoption Industry
    Category: Talk
    2 Episodes 211 Plays
    How the government and the adoption industry are very similar and in bed together. As Ron Paul says, Don't get in bed with the government you never know the disease your going to get. Central control of anything by one entity, is the downfall of all public systems.
    ( and google BirthMomMissions)
  • The Best Asshole Voicemails!
    Category: Talk
    6 Episodes 714 Plays
    I DESERVE to get some laughter of these. Remember "gotvoice" the service that recorded all your emails and translated them for ya for free. Well, thanks to them I have these. I was told to save the stalker ones for the police. The real good ones are on another computer, I'll upload those when I can. These are all I have ... See More
  • The Experience
    Category: Talk
    233 Episodes 28,561 Plays
    I am random and awesome. blue and yellow describe me the best.
  • The Story of a Girl
    Category: Talk
    12 Episodes 753 Plays
    Telling Stories of Life and Loss and how no matter what happens in life, it can always be turned around and used for good. Also how the Adoption Industry is much llke the government. The truth from one birth mother;s eyes.
  • Virtual Personal Training
    Category: Health
    0 Episodes 60 Plays
    Ask a certified NCAA personal trainer and nutrition specialist, me, anything.
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