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  • Addictions and other Vices Podcast
    Category: Music
    1 Episode 11,749 Plays
    Addictions and other Vices Podcast Hosted by Tom McNeil of the band parker BOMBSHELL
    A mix of New Wave, Electronic , Alternative and Indie Music.
    Category: Music
    1 Episode 74 Plays
    Hal Jester respected music promoter brings his eclectic mix of the Independent sound ..
  • Johnny's Random Rants
    Category: News & Information
    0 Episodes 90 Plays
    John Summers just talks about whatever fills his (at times)
    busy brain..
    We say at times as most of the time the poor thing is void of thought....
    But when John is able he shouts loud ....
    Watch out for new BLURBS coming soon......
  • Rango UnMuzzled
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 10,389 Plays
    Rango the Dog aka Matthew Meadows brings his points of view and music selection to AudioBurger.. Seattle based ''Rango'' has a way of putting his point across, best have a listen eh ?
  • RingMaster Review
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 7,637 Plays
  • The Bone Orchard
    Category: Music
    1 Episode 10,814 Plays
    Pete Ringmaster brings you the very best in the way of the Underground Metal Trash Rock and Punk join in on Ringmasters Reviews over at
  • The NerveCast Show
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 25,472 Plays
    The NerveCast Show with Johnny Summers brings you the best from the Independent groove,
    So kick it back and inform your gibbon self
    You Interweb Monkey !
    Sometimes the language is Raw the Content is Rough but the Concept is pure Gold