The Foo Sits Down with JD Rucker

The Foo Sits Down with JD Rucker

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  • Thank you for pointing that out to me....I mistakenly read it the other way around.....but I still stand by my assessment of her based on lots of experience on Twitter. Not saying she can't be thoughtful but she chooses too often to be edgy and snarky which, imho, dilutes the message we desperately need to get out right now. But thanks for the correction, Jesse. And Rucker is always great......looking forward to that Federalist Party rise!

  • Pam, JD was the guest invited to her show. I like Foo, but I also understand your assessment. This was the first time I heard her podcast and she was very thoughtful IMHO. Rucker was great as well. Nice work, guys! Federalist Party will rise.

  • Love you, JD, but disappointed you chose to interview Politibunny as one of your first broadcasts. She has shown herself on Twitter to be thin-skinned, apt to mute/block at the drop of a hat those who disagree with her....even those who would agree with her 95% of the time plus she appears to be incapable of having a real discussion in order to LEARN from the views of others. I quit following her long ago because I don't see her at present as a positive addition to conservative thought. I realize this is a personal opinion of what I've seen but I hope you will consider better, more thoughtful guests for the future.

  • Do We have enough constitutionally educated individuals that truly understand what it means to Live by that constitution in total? I think there may be a learned softness that is incapable of handling that rigidity.


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