Public Statement On Investigation

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  • Charles G. Holland II 2 years ago

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. God bless.

  • Kathy Wright 2 years ago

    good luck karl and god bless your family you are a good laywer and you helped my family a good i will pray that everything will be ok for you

  • Robert F Sears Jr 2 years ago

    Karl I wish you the best of luck,and may the good Lord be at your side during your time of need. I pray that anyone involved can see the greater of good and not see the bad. God Bless!!

  • Linda Strine 2 years ago

    Best of Luck Karl..... Praying everything turns out good.... You're the best attorney..

  • Kellijo Bailey 2 years ago

    wow - good luck to you Karl, I hope everything turns out for the best. prayers for you and your family...

  • Doug Colberg 2 years ago

    You, "initiated an investigation against myself?" Why would you do that? Why not go to the individuals personally and try to make them whole one on one? Why launch an 'official investigation' which could open you up to more scrutiny, ridicule, and possible embarrassment? I understand, if you did a few people wrong monetarily, but you are now opening a whole new can of worms. Good luck to you and your family, my thoughts & prayers are with you all. It is an honorable deed you are doing, but there just might be a better way to go about this. Good luck Brother!

  • Sarah Rouner 2 years ago

    Keep your family in mind through all this. It may or may not help you through it. I dont know what all your going through but my may people know the feeling of being blamed for something and the fear of going to jail

  • Robert Romanoski 2 years ago

    Say what....???? Whatever this is about... Good luck and I am feeling sad at the moment.

  • Cynthia Freeland 2 years ago

    God bless you, Karl am praying for yu and your family.

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