Nina Hartley in Depth

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  • Doug M 2 years ago

    Love your show and am listening to more and more of them. A breath of fresh air in a repressed world.

    During the Nina hartley show it frequently sounded like (listen at 53:11 to53:50 for an example) someone was typing (very fast keyboard skills by the way) close to the microphone or somewhere that the vibration was being transmiited to the microphone and I found it very distracting... thought you might like to know...

  • Oslo Man 2 years ago

    A nice little program. It as quite interresting (no sarcasm!) to get to know about parts of reallity that do not know much about.

  • Dr. Gloria Brame 2 years ago

    Thank you! She is soo awesome. Love her candor.

  • Hardy Haberman 2 years ago

    Thanks for spending the full hour with Nina.

  • Hardy Haberman 2 years ago

    Great descriptionof the power exchange dynamic!

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