BDSM Life Lessons

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  • Dr. Gloria Brame 2 years ago

    LOL Thanks, Grutte, very nice to meet you here ;)

  • GruttePier 2 years ago

    Ahah! Now we have moved to Vanilla sex... You have read my mind! But the truth is that sex, at least successful sex, comes from agreement in style. And Gloria you also made the great point that BDSM people are perhaps hard-wired to enjoy that style. That is quite true... but always remember that even the vanilla hard-wired person may perhaps get a "loose wire" from time-to-time and when a vanilla couple has a loose wire evening it is quite enjoyable.

    At this point I am now either wanting to eat some fresh-juicy fruit or lead my wife to the bedroom from some slightly kinky not-quite vanilla play time.

    Until next time... I am,

    Grutte Pier

  • GruttePier 2 years ago

    On your new theme music... Jennifer can testify that I can sing without any shame at all and perhaps for your third season you'll ask me to record your next theme.

    Jennifer... your description of peach eating was quite sensual!!! OMGoodness... licking the juice of your fingers?!?!

    Great point on being BDSM vs. Vanilla... In my youth (which was many, many years ago) I had my first experience with a wild young lady who was BDSM... Being uninitiated I ran all over my apartment looking for rope to fulfill her every whim... we had a fun and interesting time but for me it was also a little "silly". So while it may be fun to me to speak of BDSM in my heart I am a Vanilla guy. Of course even vanilla can be improved with the occasional shaved coconut and pecans on top. :-)

  • GruttePier 2 years ago

    On kinkiness and communication.. It really is quite important in a relationship for there to be honesty between partners... as a person of long-tern monogamy I'm glad that over the years my wife and I have had our experimental stages and finally found that the plain vanilla flavor is our favorite. But I must say the the Rocky Road and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough escapades were quite enjoyable at the time :-)

  • GruttePier 2 years ago

    So to your points and news...

    On nudity... While I really enjoy the idea/concept of topless women I must speak against this as I have way too many trees in my neighborhood and the thought of walking face-first into the hard bark of an oak is not very appealing to me. So until I move into an area that is clear cut and will allow me to look one way while walking another, I must stand against topless women (well.. not literally stand against them... my wife would kill me!)

  • GruttePier 2 years ago

    Howdy Gloria and Jennifer!

    I will have to join the live broadcast at some point... I've known Jennifer Bangs for a few wonderful years now and think the world of her. And I shall be the voice of slightly misguided, moderate/reasonable conservatism for you! (I can say this quite comfortably as I shall never bear my moobs at the beach!)

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