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  • DJ Pedz & *Guests Show
    Category: Music
    6 Episodes 443 Plays
    This is the show where DJ Pedz welcomes Guests into the V9 Radio studio and where together the music you love is played from the people you like. Keep Liking Us and sharing on facebook, google, youtube & twitter and remember to post replies on spreaker.
  • The *Artists Show
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes 788 Plays
    This Is The Show On V9 Radio Where I DJ Pedz Bring You New Singles & Albums From All Your Favourite Artists.

    Post Which Artist You Want Us To Feature Below And If Your Artist Is Selected We'll Do A Shout out For You

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  • The Chart FM Show
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes 542 Plays
    The Most Diverse Show On V9 Radio Bringing you the charts from a variety of different music genres including rock,pop,nightcore and dubstep...
    This is the show where music comes to life.

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  • The Daily Show
    Category: Music
    13 Episodes 8,137 Plays
    Broadcasts The Music You Love!
    Wednesday's - 5:30pm
    Every Other Day At 4:30pm

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  • #The Evening Hype
    Category: Music
    7 Episodes 1,563 Plays
    Hello this is V9 Radio and this is the show where I, your presenter Eris Herbert (DJ Pedz) bring you the Hype of the week featuring new and old artists and live chart updates.

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  • The *Genre Show
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 461 Plays
    The Show on V9 Radio thats brings the best music from a featured Music Genre. With your presenter Eris Herbert DJ Pedz Explore the genres of music in a whole different light. Bringing the best out of a whole new dimension of music.

    Whatever The Genre, We Play It Best!

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  • The Majestic Friday Show
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 356 Plays
    DJ Pedz Presents a show where the Sounds of tomorrow are combined with the sounds of the past remixed. This is your Majestic Friday Show on V9 Radio. The show that will get you in the mood for the Weekend! Keep sharing and liking Us!
  • The New Artists Show
    Category: Music
    1 Episode 680 Plays
    Season 4 V9 Radio

    The New Artists Show
    On Spreaker.com


    R U A NEW ARTIST? Want To Boost Your Audience Or Get Your Song Heard Across The Online Radio? Get In Conact With DJ Pedz Of V9 Radio On Spreaker.com

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  • The Yearly Events Show
    Category: Music
    6 Episodes 1,465 Plays
    This Is The Yearly Events Show Where We Celebrate The Worldwide Seasonal Events: From Christmas To Easter & Back - With Your Presenter DJ Pedz This Is The Show To Trluy Party & Celebrate The Year!