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  • BTH Radio
    Category: Music
    119 Episodes 201,671 Plays
    BTH Radio is Brought to you by: We cover the best mainstream and independent music on the planet. Featuring the best of R&B, hip hop, gospel, underground, indie and more. Enjoy a new feel of different music with each DJ who brings the noize on the 1s and 2s. Subscribe to us on iTunes Radio at ... See More
  • Club Life with DJ MARVEL
    Category: Music
    0 Episodes 186 Plays
    This is the heart of dance music. The music ranges from big time festival DJ’s to your hometown club DJ’s. This is all put on for you to keep the groove.
  • For Tha Love of Hip-Hop
    Category: Music
    1 Episode 190 Plays
  • Music Now Top 50 with DJ Marvel
    Category: Music
    2 Episodes 2,520 Plays
    The hottest music on and off air. The biggest names with the biggest hits brought to you NOW!
  • Old School Hip Hop with DJ BigSesus
    Category: Music
    5 Episodes 622 Plays
  • PARC Radio - Urban Contemporary
    Category: Music
    5 Episodes 129 Plays
  • Sanctified Sistahs
    Category: Spirituality
    14 Episodes 1,090 Plays
    Featuring ministries across the Front Range and throughout the nation Sanctified Sistah’s is all about winning souls for Christ.
    Sanctified Sistah’s is the most innovative and relevant radio talk show on air. While keeping it real in Christ, these ladies are non judgmental and provide advice, laughter, resources and the love of Christ. ... See More
  • Sunday Soul Food with Sparkx
    Category: Music
    13 Episodes 9,612 Plays
    Hello One and all I am Marcus a.k.a. DJ Holiday Sparkx I have been an On air Broadcaster for Clearchannel Radio for 5 years Broadcast on the Lewis and Floorwax Show on 103.5 the foxx as ( Sparkx). I have been an On Air Talent for 95.7 the party as DJ Holiday. Both of which are the top 20 market in radio. Now I am on the number 1 radio ... See More
  • The DJ Cisco Show
    Category: Music
    4 Episodes 813 Plays
  • The Timeko T Show
    Category: Music
    3 Episodes 608 Plays
  • Urban Mix Live with DJ Box Boy
    Category: Music
    12 Episodes 8,690 Plays
    Tune in to DJ Box Boy every Saturday 8 PM to 11 PM MT time for some of the hottest music, news and reviews in Hip Hop and R&B! visit us at