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  • RANT!
    Category: Talk
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    This is a talk show about my rants on the news, the truth, and when injustice occurs! In this show I discuss injustices being done by government behind the backs of the public without media coverage! I will be shining my own light on the darkest areas of corruption to restore justice and the republic on RANT! TUNE IN!
  • Reality Remixed
    Category: Talk
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  • The Freedom Network
    Category: News
    10 Episodes 3,179 Plays
    This show is not about left or right. This show is about the truth and all it has to offer you! This show is real journalism used to expose the enemies of humanity and our basic human rights! You can call in on Skype @ angel.diaz56 I will be broadcasting @ 7pm Tuesday through Thursday mountain standard time! This show was cancelled ... See More
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