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  • Rev DJ BAD GUYS Evil Show!
    Category: Comedy
    14 Tracks 3,932 Plays
    Rev DJ BAD GUYs EVIL Show 100% created by YOU out (creepy laugh with a fart)-Looks like RevDJBADGUY (warrior of Baby Jebus) has done it again...screeeeeem!
    Legal Rev in state of MD...Amen Flock.
    Message to live by: "BEWARE-THE NOSE KNOWS"
    "For he today that shares his blood with me, shall be my brother" ... See More
  • **WHAT THE !**
    Category: Information
    9 Tracks 19,164 Plays
    "WHAT THE !" Simple I say what you really think!
    Host Guy A Shea
    No under 18
    Note: All material used on the "What The!" pod-casts are non-copyright material, other then that of the hosts and guests of the show.
    RRNetwork approved (Resistance Radio Network)
    WHAT THE! ~ will be adding OLD episodes from various shows ... See More
  • What-The-All About SPORTS
    Category: Football
    2 Tracks 156 Plays
    What -The..!! All About Sports
    The true sport's show for the 'ages' The Sport's Bandit (Guy A Shea) talks sports-like it owes him money$$
    You want SPORTS-we got SPORTS!!
    Headquarters for the ultimate Cleve. Sports Fan too (tissues are provided!) S-P-O-R-T-S-!!
    NO UNDER 18's- (we like to provide the sport's ... See More
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