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In 2010 Francesco Baschieri and Marco Pracucci launched Spreaker, a cloud-based application where audio creators can share their content and be heard over the internet.

Spreaker targets independent music producers, bands, podcasters and audio creators.

How is Spreaker Different?

Spreaker offers the tools needed to amplify the voices of creative artists and hosts. With the web-based DJ Console users can create audio on the fly, mixing voice with music, tracks, and effects. Anyone can put together a playlist, show-off their DJing skills, or produce a complete and well-rounded podcast.

It also gives users the extra edge by allowing them to broadcast their content live. It’s a great way to connect with fans in real-time, and get instant feedback.

Spreaker is also a full-fledged social networking site, allowing the easy distribution of content over multiple social media networks and sites. With the ability to connect to applications like Facebook and iTunes, Spreaker users can reach listeners quickly and easily.




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