November, 2014


Podcasting has never been easier, or more fun! Sink your teeth into all the latest options Spreaker is offering to better broadcast, create content, and understand your audience.

Spreaker Studio

Introducing Spreaker Studio, our new app for Android that lets you take over the entire production of your own podcast or radio show. Now you can mix music and sound effects straight from your device!

Spreaker Studio

Monetize Your Content

We at Spreaker want to help you out, and very soon will be offering the possibility to monetize your content with a new revenue sharing program. A big shout out to our first sponsors to come on board - check out! Read on for more!

Monetize Your Content

New Products

We’ve added some great new products to Spreaker’s Store to help you polish up your podcast and brand. Get new artwork, transcribe your episodes, and set up an effective social media strategy.

What's Going on with Your Listeners?

We’ve added Geolocation to your stats, and published data-filled infographics on our blog!

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