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This section refers to purchases through Spreaker's website.
If you need help with Spreaker DJ for iPad please visit iPad In-App Purchases.

How does the Station plan work?

The Station plan differs from the other plans in that you have the option to hit the Non-Stop LIVE button and broadcast for as long as you like, even for over 24 hours.

Please note that when using this feature, your audio will not be saved and cannot be listened to later.

My payment was rejected, what can I do?

Make sure to check that:

  • The credit card details you entered are correct
  • The card has not expired
  • You have sufficient funds available and you have not reached your monthly spending limit

If none of these issues apply to you, please contact your bank directly and ask them why the charge was rejected.

Will my tracks be deleted when I downgrade from a PRO plan to a free plan?

When you downgrade from a PRO to a free plan, you'll be notified if your total audio storage exceeds your quota.

If it does, you have 15 days to free up some storage or upgrade again. If you remain over your limit after this period, the system will automatically delete older content until your audio storage is within quota once more.

How can I get a refund?

Spreaker does not give any refunds, full or partial. This is stated in the email we send out for each payment you make:

You can cancel at any time and the change will take effect by the following billing cycle. The service is billed in advance and is non-refundable.

You can also find this information in our Terms and Conditions.