Discover talented broadcasters, producers, and musicians.
Be a part of the community to be heard.

Spreaker gives you the chance to take part in a rich community of audio creators broadcasting thousands of shows, tracks, and playlists. Listen to rising talents, or upload your own creations to share easily with blogs, sites, and social networks.

Step up to the mic by using the professional and easy to use DJ Console, allowing you to mix voice, music, and effects that you’ll find in the cloud. Go live and chat with listeners, or upload pre-recorded content at your discretion. Spreaker offers you a complete distribution platform.

What we do

Spreaker is a web and mobile application that brings together audio creators and their fans with its sophisticated broadcasting tools and functioning social network.

Spreaker sets the stage for artists and hosts, allowing them to broadcast their shows, tracks, and playlists to listeners all over the world. Users can access the DJ console via the site or its mobile apps, and can choose to upload pre-recorded material into the cloud or broadcast their content live, mixing their voice with tracks and sound effects as they go. The application also streamlines the distribution process, allowing for easy sharing across all the major social networks as well as providing attractive embeddable players onto any website.

Music nerds and audio fans can also turn to Spreaker to listen to the thousands of musicians, DJs, and show hosts that have come to the site, ready to be discovered. Keeping up to speed with their favorites is easy, as fans can follow users, shows, albums, and sets, and give their love via messages or chatting during broadcasts.

Special thanks

Apart from the guys who work hard every day to make Spreaker a better place, there are few other people whose support was significant. We would like to say special thanks to:

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